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BPC600 – The Final Episode
This is our final show! Thank you all viewers and listeners! It has been a great 10 years of podcasting. After 600 shows, we have met so many people through interviews and through events. We made so many friends. Dave, Jason, Mark and Paul from the Underbears Podcast joined us and we talked about Mardi Gras, BearWatch and many more. Many woofs and many hugs to all!

BPC599 – Grindr Tips
Nard came from California. Ray watched The Fifth Wave. We talked about 5 Grindr tips, music streaming, and electrocution by dildo. Our 600th and last episode is coming up. Give us a call and say goodbye at 206-222-2327.

BPC598 – Woof, Interview with Dylan Thomas Good
Our guest is Dylan Thomas Good and we talked about his book, a bear-oriented suspense novel called “Woof”. We talked about The Bear-Naked Chef, poop pills for weight loss, and Oregon militia receiving dildos and lube.

BPC597 – The Biggest Lover
Nard went to New Orleans Comic Con and met William Shatner. Ray played Canasta. We interviewed Ron Suresha and we talked about his anthology, The Biggest Lover. We talked about David Bowie, Oregon Militia Erotic FanFic, kink sex saving lives, gay kiss-cam on NHL, and a man who got burned because of bedbugs.

BPC596 – 2015 Year In Review
Happy New Year to all! In this episode, we do a review of 2015. Thank you all for your support for all these years!

BPC595 – You Are A Quasi-Slut
Happy Holidays to everyone! Nard went to a gay wedding in Houston. Ray decorated the house. We talked about slut shaming, a priest and his boyfriend, a pedometer for your penis, and an abducted 19-year old. Episode 600, our last episode, is coming up fast.

BPC594 – Circumcision Ambulance
It is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Nard and Ray put up the Christmas Tree. We talked about hook-up apps in Qatar, USPS sending you pictures of what’s in your mailbox, and a stolen circumcision ambulance. Please give us feedback on slut shaming. See the link in the show notes.

BPC593 – Mom Found My Sex Toy
We celebrated Thanksgiving with Friends. Nard attended an event called Deck the Halls with Balls. We talked about a mom who found her son’s sex toy, Harry Potter, straight Brazilian actors kissing, a Russian magazine’s list of ‘forgiven’ actors for being gay, iPhone losing the headphone jack, and bringing the dead back to life.

BPC592 – Threesome With A Robot
Ray went to the Ripcord to watch Fifty Shades Demo. Nard has been watching Person of Interest. We talked about men who can have babies, Dallas police putting gayborhood on lock-down, PrEP adherence, a 84-MPG car, Phuc Dat Bich, and a threesome with a robot.

BPC591 – First World Problem: We Have No Internet
Nard and Ray were suffering because they don’t have internet at home. Ray went to Texas Renaissance Festival. We talked about a pastor posting a pro-gay sign at church, an emoji as a word of the year, and Fappy the anti-masturbating mascot caught masturbating.

BPC590 – Interview with Bill Z, HERO, Rumblr
Nard and Ray interviewed Bill Z from the Comic Book Bears Podcast. He is working on a project – The Crime Fighter Inquiry. We talked about th Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and the backlash it is causing, Denmark’s wind power source, and Rumblr mobile app for fistfights.

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