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BPC592 – Threesome With A Robot
Ray went to the Ripcord to watch Fifty Shades Demo. Nard has been watching Person of Interest. We talked about men who can have babies, Dallas police putting gayborhood on lock-down, PrEP adherence, a 84-MPG car, Phuc Dat Bich, and a threesome with a robot.

BPC591 – First World Problem: We Have No Internet
Nard and Ray were suffering because they don’t have internet at home. Ray went to Texas Renaissance Festival. We talked about a pastor posting a pro-gay sign at church, an emoji as a word of the year, and Fappy the anti-masturbating mascot caught masturbating.

BPC590 – Interview with Bill Z, HERO, Rumblr
Nard and Ray interviewed Bill Z from the Comic Book Bears Podcast. He is working on a project – The Crime Fighter Inquiry. We talked about th Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and the backlash it is causing, Denmark’s wind power source, and Rumblr mobile app for fistfights.

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