BPC573 – Dad Bods Are Hot
Happy Pride! Marriage Equality wins! Nard and Ray went to the Houston Pride Parade which was held in downtown Houston. We talked about Marriage Equality having no effect on other people, guys with thicker builds make better boyfriends, a spaceport in Houston, and a masturbating pizza guy.

BPC572 – Father’s Day, Mr. Tulsa Bear 2015
It’s our Father’s Day Special! Our guest father is Keith, Mr. Tulsa Bear 2015. Ray shared his thoughts about the South Carolina incident. We talked Spiderman, the Christian right preparing for marriage equality, online retailers to stop selling Confederate flags, a streaker at Walmart, and a cop who keeps showing off his genitals.

BPC571 – Nard Got Rear-Ended
Nard was in a car accident. Ray saw Jurassic World. We talked about a bottom’s guide for being prepared, Mexico legalizing same-sex marriage, LastPass getting hacked, and serial horse lover in Texas.

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