BPC535 – Sexualized Male Superheroes
This show was pre-recorded. Ray talked about the rest of the Top 20 Fall Movies. We also talked about Michael Sams, cryogenics, and sexualized male superheroes in movies.

BPC534 – Southern Decadence, Armagayddon
Nard just came from Southern Decadence. Ray talked about Armagayddon and the remainder of the must see fall movies.

BPC533 – Peter Pan Syndrome
Kendall Kelly joined us in the show and we talked about his album, Manifest Destiny. Nard saw Boyhood. Ray talked about upcoming fall movies and Google features you may not have tried before. Are you suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome?

BPC532 – Old Friends Make Good Marriages, Antiselfie
Nard watched Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. Ray went to San Antonio and visited the Natural Bridge Caverns. Love Is Strange is a movie about a old gay couple starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina. Antiselfie apps are out for everyone to use. Have you ever lied about your sexuality so that you can donate blood?

BPC531 – Unshaven Is The New Bear
We give tribute to Robin Williams. Nard went to two pool parties. Ray talked about the Naked Barber from Sydney. Congratulations to Marvin and Jim on their marriage. Fat Gay Men is a book by Jason Whitesel which focuses on Girth and Mirth, a nationwide social club of fat men.

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