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BearPodcast 238 – Raffles, Lap Band, Oh My Pod

Hosts: Nard and Ray
Guests: Peter and PinoyBoy from Oh My Pod

Ray spent Thanksgiving in SC. Nard played football and his team got beat by lesbians during Thanksgiving day.

Next week, December 8, we will have a Chaser Show at 9:30pm Central! More details here on

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Peter and PinoyBoy, the “gomos” of Oh My Pod, joined us and we talked about lap band surgeries, some Mac tech tips, trick cards, gainers and encouragers.

Download MP3 Audio, Duration – 1:08:56, Size – 47.6MB

We have a raffle! Send in your entries at raffle @ if you want to win Tyler’s Bear Paw painting, or a Bob Mould CD.

It’s Holiday season! Send in your Holiday cards to:
P.O. Box 2511
Humble, TX 77347

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Where Do You Store Your Pictures?

There is a lot of image hosting services out there. Which one do you use more often?

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Are You Into Social Networking Websites?

Some people like to meet people through Social Networking websites. Do you have one? Do you hate it? Post a comment.

Update : Here are the results:

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Poll – Are You Still Friends With Your Ex?

Here’s a poll for a future topic we will discuss in the show.

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Poll – Pride Weekend

How did you celebrate Pride Weekend? Did you join the festivities? Or did you stay at home?

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