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BearPodcast 32 – Movie Review Year Ender, Bear in San Francisco

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Co-host: Excalibear
This is the last show for the year.

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InkednSF77 in Woof! What a Bear!

More Show Notes:
00:31 Greetings
00:55 Excalibear’s holiday
01:50 Nard’s holiday
02:56 Kungfu Hustle
03:38 Dawn and Drew Show gift exchange
05:23 Excalibear in a comedy troupe
06:22 How good Santa was to Nard
07:20 Scene It! (Movie version)
07:42 Golden Dildo in Little Mermaid Video
08:30 Movie Reviews
09:20 10 worst movies
19:54 Movies that didn’t make it to the top 10
21:33 10 best movies
26:21 down the list at top 3
31:49 Woof! What a Bear! – InkednSF77
34:21 celebrities who passed this year
39:35 MJ trial
41:15 RM into golden showers. TMI!!
42:30 comment on TC
44:40 New Year’s Eve plans
46:16 Wrap-up

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BearPodcast 31 – Holiday Pool Party, Bear Back Mountain, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Bear in Houston

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I recorded this pretty late. Sorry guys. I got too busy during the weekend.

Call my voicemail line at (206)222-BEAR. I’ll play your voicemail in the show.

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Rome Bears Week
BearZone Madrid New Year Party

Other Podcasts I listen to:
The Gay Trucker
Queer as Folky Boy
Lucky Bitch Radio
Fox in the City
Yeast Radio
The Dawn and Drew Show
Distorted View

I have some pics NOT WORKSAFE!

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BearPodcast 30 – Yule Special, Holidays Explained, Cub in San Francisco

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Co-host: Excalibear

Happy Yule to everyone! We talked about different holidays.

Planet Big SF

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BearPodcast 29 – Memoirs of a Gay Cub, Woofs Bar, Bear in Columbus OH

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I had a great time in Columbus, OH!
First, I flew first class. My first time ever. (It’s not because I fly a lot. I flew to Manila last April and I got 18,000 mileage right there. I just needed a few more miles to get Elite access. I was lucky enough that there’s an available first class seat.)

I got to meet new friends at Woofs!

Manticorepgh, Jpgh1977
XXL New Years Eve Party
Leather Bear New Years

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BearPodcast 28 – Excalibear's Movie Review, Holiday Gift Ideas, Cub from Port Arthur TX

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Co-host: Excalibear

Excalibear and I chatted about Brokeback Mountain and Chronicles of Narnia.
He made holiday gift suggestions on DVDs that a bear should get.

ObscureCub is our feature for this show. He’s also xhomagetodeathx in LiveJournal.

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The show was pretty long. So I decided to extend the notes.
00:46 Nard folding laundry
01:34 Nard bowling
02:01 Excalibear got pickpocketed
05:27 Excalibear showering at 24Hr Fitness
11:20 Chronicles of Narnia
16:00 Brokeback Mountain
24:28 gift ideas
39:14 Woof! What a Bear! – ObscureCub
41:32 International Bear Rendezvous
51:11 Excalibear auditoning for Dawn and Drew Show
52:55 Excalibear will give BJs
53:19 BearPodcast P.O. Box
55:08 contact info

New Snail Mail: BearPodcast
P.O. Box 2511
Humble, TX 77347-2511
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