Texas Renaissance Festival 2008 (VLOG)

Nard and Ray went to Texas Renaissance Festival. We interviewed Mark the Belly Dancing Bear and Godfrey Ambrose Busybody.

Download MP4 Video, Duration – 14:42, Size – 125MB

Music: Whisky In The Jar by Dust Rhinos

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One Response to “Texas Renaissance Festival 2008 (VLOG)”

  1. December 1st, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    GarBear73 says:

    Hey guys –
    My goodness! David is quite the handsome gentleman at the Ren Faire – and I nearly fainted at the comment that he’s not allowed to woof in character. 😉 However I did notice a ring on his finger that could indicate he has person that has captured his heart. *sigh* Perhaps yet again, the saying that all the lucky ones are claimed. Awesome video interviews guys. I missed attending any of our local ren festivals/faires this year due to travel and such. But somehow you guys left out the video of Ray and his meat on a stick. . . . *smooches* – G