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BPC510 – TBRU 19, GROWLr Shouts
Nard and Dave just came from TBRU in Dallas. We talked about GROWLr shouts, North American Bear Weekend and BearWatch. Dave had a massage. Nard went to the Bear Dance. We met up listeners and viewers of the podcast.

BPC509 – You Better Lick It Before You Stick It
Nard just came from Denver. Ray watched 300: Rise of an Empire. Casa Bonita was an interesting experience. We talked about The Flash, Resurrection, TBRU, Buc-ee’s endorsing anti-gay, and Lick This App. In a relationship, are you the Gardener or the Flower?

BPC508 – Mardi Gras, Oscars, Gay Wedding Cakes
Happy Mardi Gras! Nard and Ray came from New Orleans for Mardi Gras weekend. Nard attended the Lords of Leather Bal Masque XXXI. Ray talked about King cakes and gay wedding cakes.

BPC507 – Anti-Gay Bills
Nard and Ray went to an Irish party. We are looking forward to watching Heroes in 2015. We talked about the Arizona’s anti-gay bill, fighting parking tickets with an iPhone app, and lactating cows.

BPC506 – Who Can You Not Tell You’re Gay?
Ray watched a concert in New Orleans. Nard went to a My Fair Lady Singalong. Who can you not tell you’re gay? What made you gay in the 90s?

BPC505 – Damn Asian Programmers!
Nard and Ray played Flappy Bird. We interviewed Teron from Tuba City, AZ and we talked about being gay life at a Navajo reservation. Will Michael Sam’s coming out affect him from being drafted for the NFL? What advice can you give to our listener who wants a bear partner?

BPC504 – Party for our 500th, Super Bowl
We had a party at Dave’s for our 500th episode! Nard went to a Super Bowl party. Ray talked about gay Navajo. We discussed about a young man who just came out to his parents.

BPC503 – Grammy Awards, Virtual Boyfriends
Nard and Ray went to the Halloween and Party Expo. We had a surprise party for Robbie. We dedicate this show to the memory of Jimmy Carper. Would you like a virtual boyfriend?

BPC502 – Lube Wrestling, Moon Aliens
Ray is back from his vacation from Kennedy Meadows, CA. Nard was in New Orleans and ate at Port of Call. Condoms are now digitally removed from porn. Batman vs. Superman movie is delayed. There’s an alien base on the moon. We called Dave to get a report on lube wrestling at the Eagle held by the Houston Bears.

BPC501 – OK Gay Marriage, Gay Bosses, Machine-made Burgers
Ray is out of town, so Dave filled in. How many times should couples have sex in a week? Dave came from a BearWatch meeting. Nard watched Chozen on FX. Would you like to eat a machine-made gourmet burger?

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