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BPC589 – What Would Good Dick Make You Do?
Nard just came from New Orleans for Voodoo Fest. Ray got rained out. We talked about Voodoo Fest, Power Bottom Appreciation Day, what would good dick make you do, a new Star Trek series, Boy George sleeping with Prince, an efficient ion engine for Mars travel, and men taking pictures of their balls with landscapes.

BPC588 – It’s Like A Doggie Nine
Nard and Ray went to a Halloween party. Ray went as Ice Bear from We Bare Bears. Nard went as Smiley Poo. Thanks to Patrick and Jody for hosting. We talked about the guide to a perfect rim job, SETI receiving an alien signal, ex-cop lures men to his glory hole, and beard baubles that turn your beard into a Christmas tree.

BPC587 – Tribute To John
Ray has been writing a book. Nard came from San Francisco. We dedicate this episode to the memory of our friend John Horgan.

BPC586 – Legacy Community Health, PrEP
Ted and Ryan joined us to talk about Legacy Community Health and PrEP.

BPC585 – I Will Not Have Sex With That Robot
Ray had the insomnia from hell. Nard went to New Orleans for the weekend and ate at Dragos and Cochon Butcher. We talked about being a chubby chaser and not be ashamed of it, a gay man who was beaten during Dallas Pride, not having sex with a robot, and a guy with three balls.

BPC584 – Give Me A Bro-Job
Ray went to Dallas for the weekend. Nard went to Paul and Young’s last pool party for the summer. We talked about why straight men have sex with each other, Asian-American Hulk, why we will keep our belly, Rinse and Repeat shower game, men who grow their penis at 12, and a loud obese man removed from a Philippine hotel.

BPC583 – Jurassic Porn, Masturbation Club
Nard and Ray celebrated Mike’s birthday at St. Arnold’s Brewing Company. We talked about Jurassic Porn, Seattle’s masturbation club, sense of touch with bionic implants, emotion as a service, and a snake bites a man’s penis. Congratulations to Coley and Frank on their wedding.

BPC582 – Ray Was Saved By A Bear in A Tutu
Nard and Ray just came from Southern Decadence in New Orleans. Ray was attacked by a bear and was rescued by Robert. We talked about Latino machismo, Adblock Plus for iOS, and Russia banning porn.

BPC581 – Do’s and Don’ts for Bottoms
Nard and Ray the do’s and don’ts of being a bottom, KY clerk at the Supreme Court, Android watches will work with iOS, and a man with a 19-inch penis is suffering. Our hearts go out to our friends, Tony and Jason.

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