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BPC570 – Overweight Men Stigmatized
Nard went to Johnny’s pool party. Congratulations to the Wave for a successful fundraiser. We talked about Sense8, Punisher in Daredevil Season 2, overweight men being stigmatized, driverless cars, and staking claim of sun property.

BPC569 – Father and Son Gay Couple
Ray just came from Washington, DC for a quick getaway. Nard got rained out. We talked about dating apps causing the rise of STDs, Justice League, a father and son gay couple, Wolverine claws, a planet covered with marijuana.

BPC568 – Undercover Chasers
Nard just came from BearWatch 16 in Galveston, TX. Ray saw Mad Max: Fury Road. We talked about the cult of daddies, RBG marries gay couple, Star Trek replicators in real life, and a man banned from flying because of his Pinocchio tattoo.

BPC567 – Mother’s Day and Ray’s Birthday
Happy Birthday, Ray! We had a special guest for Mother’s Day… Ray’s Mom! She gave advice to all moms who have gay children. Our topics in the show covered American Idol ending, Sense8, an 82-year-old guy on Grindr, a $9 computer, an app that blocks the Kardashians, and a cop jailed for biting testicles.

BPC566 – Age of Beards
Nard and Ray saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ray went to San Antonio. Nard went to Austin for the Texas Shootout. We talked about when a top refuses to be a bottom, Class Comics, straight rape, anti-gay video game, poop in beards and Bristlr, the Tinder for beards.

BPC565 – Butt Plug Urn
Should people over 40 pay more at a party? We talked about a man without a penis, Silent Hill going silent, homosexuality is a choice, Randy the new gay social networking app, and putting ones ashes in a dildo.

BPC564 – Gay X-Man, Geldom
Ray went to a crawfish boil. Nard won softball games on the weekend. We talked about phases of a gay man’s life, X-Men’s Iceman being gay, gel condoms, and the boyfriend is a dog lover.

BPC563 – How Big Is Too Big?
Ray saw Furious 7. Nard went to Bearracuda at the Ripcord. We talked about Spider-man reboot of the reboot, Daredevil on Netflix, accepting your own beauty, guys finding their partner on dating apps, self-driving cars making you sick, and how big is too big?

BPC562 – Masculine Power Bottom
Nard just came from Costa Rica. Ray helped cook up a feast and celebrated Easter with family and friends. We talked about Drenched Fur 11, masculine power bottoms, Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover, gay people as slave masters, HBO Now on iOS, HIV testing on your smartphone, and 11 things men secretly do with their penises.

BPC561 – Wonder Woman Bondage
Nard and Ray try out a new video angle. We talked about Insurgent, Wonder Woman Bondage and Feminism, X-Files back on Fox, killing of gays by bullets to the head, Hyperloop and an extorting porn star.

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