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BPC560 – Flash Gordon, Midnighter, GROWLr Shouts
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Nard and Ray went to Ripcord to watch a pup play. Thanks to Zee for the GROWLr shouts at TBRU. We talked about Flash Gordon, a gay DC character, religious nuts to own their discrimination, a new battery that can free you from the grid, and the first successful penis transplant.

BPC559 – How Much Are Your Balls Worth?
Nard and Ray talked about LGBT character in Star Wars, The Walking Dead spin-off, TBRU, Dan Savage’s response to Ben Carson, HBO, dating apps, and the worth of your balls.

BPC558 – Bayou City Pups
Pup Rok, Pup Tank, Pup Chip and Pup Andrew joined us in the show and talked about their group, Bayou City Pups. We pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy. We talked about HIV transmissions, Pebble Time Steel, and a homophobic dad on Grindr.

BPC557 – PrEP Talk
Julio joined us to talk about PrEP and HIV. Ray saw Kinky Boots. We talked about people having dominoes implanted into their penises.

BPC556 – Wes from After Hours, LUEY 42
Wes joined us and talked about LUEY 42 and After Hours. Nard went to Mardi Gras weekend in New Orleans and saw Bianca Del Rio at the Lords of Leather Ball. We talked about the new strain of HIV and life size, human-like sex dolls.

BPC555 – It’s a Fantasy Fairy Tale
Nard and Ray went to dim sum. We did a movie review of Jupiter Ascending. We talked about the Spider-Man, Grammy Awards, a gay teen threatened to be expelled, Japanese robot receptionists, and a guy with a giant testicle.

BPC554 – Camel Toe at the Super Bowl
Ray saw a camel toe at the Super Bowl. Nard saw a DeLorean after watching Project Alamanac, a movie about time travel. We talked about Heroes Reborn, Teen Titans, gay oil field workers, advancement in sex toy technology and the poop bank.

BPC553 – J.O. Beside Your Partner
Nard went to St. Arnold’s Craft Brewery. Ray talked about what to do if your partner pleasures himself beside you. We talked about the Bear Den in Queens NY, Grindr not caring about securing your location, and a man who can draw with his penis.

BPC552 – Talking About Everything
Ray just came from his vacation at the Sierra’s. Nard saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. We interviewed Harry Hawk and we talked about his love affair with burgers.

BPC551 – Fat Sex Is Taboo
Congratulations to Dean DeBlois, director of How To Train Your Dragon 2. The film won Best Animated Feature Film at the Golden Globe Awards. Nard and Ray talk about fat sex, Florida gay marriage, Cuddlr, and assault by reptile.

BPC550 – 2014 Review
Happy New Year! It’s our first episode of the year. We talked about events in 2014.

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