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BPC549 – My Husband’s Not Gay
It’s our last year of the year. Nard and Ray talked about the Google Santa Tracker, Queer Web Series, gay Mormon men and Poly Life mobile app for polyamorous relationships. May you all have a Happy Holidays!

BPC548 – Furries Explained
Ray gave a review on Exodus: Gods and Kings. Nard went to the Wave Ornament Exchange Party. We talked about questions about Furries, gay billboard star, life on Mars, and the porn industry against the condom law.

BPC547 – Krypton, Deadpool, Furries
Nard just came from New Orleans for the Bourbon Street Classic. We talked about Krypton, Deadpool, the Pope supporting families of GLBT children, McDonald’s touchscreen ordering and furries being attacked.

BPC546 – The Gay, The Geek, and The Bizarre FaceBook Page
Nard and Ray celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family. Nard geeked out on a WinBook that costs $60. Ray talked about people with HIV, Sony getting hacked, PrEP, ultrasound creating 3D shapes, and a hot tub three-way gone bad. Please “like” the new The Gay, The Geek, and The Bizarre FaceBook page.

BPC545 – Gobble Gobble Gobble
Happy Thanksgiving! Nard went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Ray got some feedback about the Chumley Cruise. We talked about PrEP, country artists coming out as gay, Ass Hunter on Android, and an update on the Gay Bull.

BPC544 – Open Relationships, Gay Bull
Nard and Ray met up with Devin, Jay and Phil. They were getting ready for the Chumley cruise. We talked about open relationships, Brian Sims’ Throw Back Thursday pics, free SSL certificates next year and a gay bull.

BPC543 – Interstellar, Micro Penis
We give thanks to all the veterans! Nard and Ray watched Interstellar and did a review. We talked about a man with a micro penis, Obama’s support for Net Neutrality, and guys who are penis princesses.

BPC542 – Voodoo Fest, Gay CEO, Butt of Sloth
Robbie and Ray had a Halloween Party. Nard went to New Orleans for Voodoo Fest. We talked about Nightcrawler, Fury, Tim Cook coming out, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

BPC541- Kevin Smith’s Beard
Nard came from California to visit family and met with friends Bill, Yang and their toddler, Ming. Ray went to a Halloween party. He also went to Dallas. We talked about Kevin Smith losing his beard, Batman being gay, and upcoming Marvel movies. Check out Mikey Hope’s article at 13 Stories Til Halloween.

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