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BPC530 – Ninth Anniversary
This is our 9th anniversary episode! Thank you all for all the support over the years! We reviewed the top 10 videos since last year. Porn star Marc Dylan taught us how to be a clean bottom. We talked about the iPhone 6 revelation and penis enlargement in Germany.

BPC529 – Comic-Con, Automatic, Ninja Turtles
Tony joined Nard and Ray to talk about Comic-Con in San Diego. Would you like to use Automatic on your car? The Onion has video on the Ninja Turtles with big genitals.

Interview with Brian Sims
At Bear Week in Provincetown, MA, Nard interviewed Brian Sims. He talked about his history with politics and he gave advice to gays and lesbians who want to get involved.

BPC528 – Six Day Load
Nard came from Bear Week in Ptown. Ray talked about Star Wars: Episode VII, Free Fall, I Do, and Hemlock Grove Season 2. Please call in if you are on PrEP/Truvada?

BPC527 – Fat ’N Furious
Nard and Ray talked about new gay athlete, smart microwaves that can count calories, and having sex is in the car is legal in Quezon City. Fat ‘N Furious is a new TV show on Discovery about big men and their fast cars. This is a pre-recorded show since Nard will be in P-town for Bear Week.

BPC526 – Active Duty: Gay Military Erotic Romance
Nard and Ray interview Neil Plakcy, editor of Active Duty: Gay Military Erotic Romance.

BPC525 – Houston Pride, Foster Child Legal Fight
Happy Pride Weekend! Nard went to the Houston Pride Parade. Dave joined the show and talked about Chef Watson, a computerized recipe maker. Stephen Buzz Foster is our guest today talked about his fundraising effort for Foster Child Legal Fight. Penis size depends on fingers, not feet.

BPC524 – Dickmatized, Smallest Penis Pageant
Ray had a pool party. Nard talked about drones at national parks. Tim Burton’s Batman turns 25 years old. We talked about Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis Pageant.

BPC523 – Father’s Day Special with Andrew, Aquaman
Happy Father’s day to all fathers and to all who chose to be a father! Nard saw How To Train Your Dragon 2. Ray talked about Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Our special guest is Andrew. Andrew got married in Boston and shared his experiences in proposing to Gary. We talked about bears in captivity having recurrent fellatio.

BPC522 – Edging Until Tomorrow
Nard and Ray went to the new Eagle in Houston. Ray saw Blue Jasmine and Nard saw Edge of Tomorrow. We recommend both movies. Special thanks to the Wave for a great softball season. Would you like a SIM card on your wrist?

BPC521 – Ray Teaches Bear Culture
Ray went to a drive-in theater and watched Maleficent. Nard saw Godzilla and Million Ways To Die In The West. After a fight, how do you make up with your significant other? We got excited about teleportation coming in the future.

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