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BPC520 – The Hulk Is Not Dead
Ray went to San Francisco and was touched by lesbians. Nard went to Peche and Domenica in New Orleans. The Hulk is not dead. Google makes self-driving cars without steering wheels. Robert De Niro talks about his gay father. How far would you go for a One Direction VIP ticket?

BPC519 – BearWatch 15, Oregon Gay Marriage
Nard and Ray went to BearWatch in Galveston, TX. Ray saw Godzilla. Nard met with Dominic from the Bears in the City Podcast. What is appropriate to post on social media? Will you get the new Surface Tablet? Congratulations to Oregon for having the same-sex marriage ban thrown out.

BPC518 – Mother’s Day, Team Rainbow Dress
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s! It’s Ray’s birthday! Nard went to Gary and Andrew’s wedding celebration. Our special guest is Laura Phillips, the first gay marriage officiator in Arkansas. She tells us the story at the court house where she performed wedding ceremonies. She is the Woman in a Rainbow Dress.

BPC517 – Virgin, Amazon, Rooster Exhibitionism
Nard played at the Austin Texas Shootout Tournament. Ray planted flowers. We talked about Spider-Man and Gotham. Many are boycotting the Sultan’s hotels. Does it bother you that you cannot easily buy comics anymore on Comixology?

BPC516 – Interior. Leather Bar. Rich Gays
Nard and Ray review “Interior. Leather Bar”. We also talked about Giovanni’s Room, Amazon Fire TV, Justice League movie, and the 20 richest gay people. Would you enjoy a 2-hour orgasm?

BPC515 – Gayrage Sale, Palcohol
Ray threw an Easter dinner party. Nard had a garage sale. What is customary for a gay date? Would you drink Palcohol?

BPC514 – Drenched Fur 10, Burgh Bears
Nard came from Drenched Fur. They played Strip Cards Against Humanity. Ray is still fixing the chicken coop. He talked about Game of Thrones and marriages. Nard interviewed Kevin from Burgh Bears. We have some footage of Devin doing a photo session with Dave and Jason. You will see some partial nudity.

BPC513 – The Taj Mahal of Chicken Coops
Nard went to a bachelor party for Gary. Ray made the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. Nard helped in the Wave fundraiser. Ray gives a short review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We talked about 13 Things You Need To Know About Your Gay Asian Friend. We dedicate this episode to the memory of Lewis Tice.

BPC512 – Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bards
Ray left the show. He did his last recording the night we watched Ru Paul. Dave is now filling in for now. We interviewed Ron Suresha and we talked about his book, Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Bears. NPH will be awesome as Hedwig. Will you get the iPhone 6? Will your state survive well in the zombie apocalypse?

BPC511 – Proper Way To Propose
Nard and Ray watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. We talked about how to propose properly. Would you hire an escort? Is MLB ready for a gay player?

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