BP Comic Con 2008 Video Podcast Part 2 (VLOG)

Host: Ray and Carl

Guest 1:Roger Klorese
Living in the Ethereal World
Bio: A reader and fanboy since he had to sneak comics into the house when he was seven, Roger remembers the heartbreak of the day when the price of comics went up from 12c to 15c. He currently serves as president of Prism Comics.

Guest 2:Charles “Zan” Christensen
Northwest Comics, Eleven Pages
Bio: Charles Christensen, better known by his nickname “Zan”, is best known in comics circles as the founding President of Prism Comics.

Other shoutouts:
Joe Philips –
Randy from San Fran B411-RBEARNSF
Eduardo from San Diego B411- DADDYBEARE
Michael from San Diego B411-BABYBLUETC

Download MP4, Size – 281.5MB

Sanctuary – Premiers in OCT on SciFi
Heroes – Season premier Sept. 22

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