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BPC580 – Using The Guybrator
Nard and Ray talked about the NSFW video on how to wear a condom, guybrators, a man fearing his attraction to twinks is disgusting, Tesla partnering with AirBnB, and a man with a bionic penis.

BPC579 – Does Gaydar Actually Exist?
Nard saw Night of the Living Dead for the first time. Ray has been busy moving. Congratulations to Slam Social Network for reaching 2 million page views. We talked about if gaydar actually exists, ‘Pride’ film set for release in Russia, Tesla auto-pilot, and laying alien eggs inside yourself.

BPC578 – Hookup Do’s and Don’ts
Ray has some sad news. Nard saw Amy, a documentary about Amy Winehouse. We talked about hookup do’s and don’ts, Google is now Alphabet, Sense8, American Horror Story: Hotel, a CraigsList trick, and the Montana Testicle Festival.

Interview with Doug Langway, Bear City 3
We interviewed Doug Langway and we talked about his upcoming movie, Bear City 3.

BPC577 – Tenth Anniversary
We celebrate our 10th Anniversary! We showcased the top 10 episodes for the past 10 years. Thank you for all your support for all these years! Enjoy!

BPC576 – Space City Comic Con
Nard went to Space City Comic Con in Houston and met Gil Gerard. Ray saw Trainwreck. We talked about gay boy scouts, a pill that simulates a workout, and a pig lover at WalMart. Don’t forget to give us a call at 206-222-2327 and leave a voice message for our 10th Anniversary.

BPC575 – P-town, Pup411, Atomic Wedgie
Nard just got back from P-town. Ray saw Ant-Man. We talked about celebrities publicly coming out, skin regeneration ala-Star Trek,, and a man killed by an atomic wedgie. August 1 is our 10th anniversary. Give us a call at 206-222-2327.

BPC574 – Sprained Dicks
Ray went downtown to watch the fireworks. Nard got a new car and already got a rock chip on the windshield. We talked about some penis facts, BearWeek at Provincetown MA, a harassed gay teacher, Star Trek communicators, transparent aluminum, and a tiny village terrorized by sex party loud noises.

BPC573 – Dad Bods Are Hot
Happy Pride! Marriage Equality wins! Nard and Ray went to the Houston Pride Parade which was held in downtown Houston. We talked about Marriage Equality having no effect on other people, guys with thicker builds make better boyfriends, a spaceport in Houston, and a masturbating pizza guy.

BPC572 – Father’s Day, Mr. Tulsa Bear 2015
It’s our Father’s Day Special! Our guest father is Keith, Mr. Tulsa Bear 2015. Ray shared his thoughts about the South Carolina incident. We talked Spiderman, the Christian right preparing for marriage equality, online retailers to stop selling Confederate flags, a streaker at Walmart, and a cop who keeps showing off his genitals.

BPC571 – Nard Got Rear-Ended
Nard was in a car accident. Ray saw Jurassic World. We talked about a bottom’s guide for being prepared, Mexico legalizing same-sex marriage, LastPass getting hacked, and serial horse lover in Texas.

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